Here's an overview of the courses that I've helped teach during my time at UC Berkeley. You can use the links below to access class materials and syllabi!

Data 102: Data, Inference, and Decisions

Teaching Assistant - Fall 2023

Teaching Assistant - Spring 2023

This course develops the probabilistic foundations of inference in data science, and builds a comprehensive view of the modeling and decision-making life cycle in data science including its human, social, and ethical implications.

Topics: Bayesian hierarchical models, causal inference techniques, multi-arm bandits, Q-learning, differential privacy, clustering algorithms, Bayesian and Frequentist GLMs, and an introduction to neural networks and ensemble methods.

Data 100: Principles & Techniques of Data Science

Teaching Assistant - Summer 2023

An introductory data science course that explores the data science lifecycle, including question formulation, data cleansing and EDA, statistical inference and prediction​, and decision-making.​

Topics: Basics of loss optimization, linear and logistic regression, decision trees and random forests, and unsupervised methods around dimensionality reduction and clustering.

Data 104: Human Contexts and Ethics of Data

Teaching Assistant - Fall 2022

This course teaches methods of applied historical thinking to recognize, analyze, and shape the human contexts and ethics of data, and prepares students to engage as knowledgeable and responsible citizens and professionals in the varied arenas of our datafied world.

Topics: Data colonialism and shadow labor, predictive policing, data capitalism, representational and allocative harm, privacy and surveillance, HCE Toolkit.