Alan J. Jian

Data Scientist


Hi there! I’m a recent graduate of the Data Science program at UC Berkeley. My primary interests lay in applied ML/NLP and Bayesian Statistics.

In just the past year, I’ve had the chance to work on a number of exciting projects, including my capstone project on real-time electricity demand forecasting on CAISO’s energy grid. More recently, I’ve been adapting recent advances in Bayesian Transfer Learning to NLP tasks such as text classification to see if state-of-the-art models could stand to gain from such approaches.

In the past, I’ve also helped deploy a fine-tuned RetinaNet model to automate the counting of elephant seals at Point Reyes, and attempted a slightly more whimsical project that uses BART to create two-sentence horror stories based on posts scrapped from r/TwoSentenceHorror.

I’ve also had the opportunity to TA for the very classes that inspired me to become a data scientist at UC Berkeley, including Data 100, 102, and Data 104. You can read more about those on my teaching page. You can also catch me on Medium, where I occassionally write blog posts on medium about things that I’m working on, or stuff that I’m thinking about.

During my undergraduate (which I also spent at Berkeley), I had the chance to work with Prof. Sara Beckman and Prof. Kosa Goucher-Lambert to study goal formation on student teams using NLP techniques. You can read all about our findings in our conference paper.

Outside of work, you’ll either find me out on the courts playing tennis with friends (always looking for more partners!) or at home playing video games.

If you’re interested in connecting, feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn, or shoot me an email!

selected publications

    Examining Goal Congruence on Engineering Design and Innovation Student Teams
    Sara Beckman, Alan Jian, Ahan Sabharwal, and 1 more author
    Aug 2021